Nest Hello UK Setup

Matt Houghton
3 min readApr 8, 2019


I’m a big fan of Nest products having installed them in a few properties over the years. The cameras in particular paid for themselves several times over as they captured footage of a lorry that crashed into my wall and drove off.

Whilst most Nest products are very simple to setup, I think the Nest Hello (doorbell) is not quite as simple as I have come to expect from Nest. If you live in the UK most wired doorbells expect 8–12V AC, however the Nest expects 16–24V AC.

Here is how I setup my Nest Hello.

First of all, here is my existing setup before I installed the Nest. It’s a standard wired setup that was installed when the house was built. The chime and transformer is integrated as a single unit.

Existing Setup

The red and black cables go to a push button at the front door. After making everything safe to work on by turning off the power. I removed cables from the unit and unscrewed the unit from the wall.

I needed a new chime that would work with the 16–24V AC required by the Nest. I bought this the cost was ~£11 from Amazon. There are customer comments saying that others have also used it with the Nest Hello.

For the power supply I used this I found out about this after reading about it on the Nest forums. Again, customer comments show this is a popular option.

After fixing the new chime to the wall I connected up the Nest chime connector.

Chime Connector

Next connect the power supply to the transformer.

Power to Transformer

Next, we need to supply power to the Nest unit that will be outside the front door and to connect that to the chime.

Transformer Connections

The red and black wires go to the front door. The white blocks are the other end of the Nest Chime connector. Here is what the connections look like.

All Connected

Moving outside I connected the black and red wires to the Nest Hello door bell. I found it easier to use the supplied extension wires.

Outside — Nest Hello

Back inside I stuck the chime connector inside the new chime unit and made the cables a bit tidier.

All Connected

Finally, I put the cover on the new chime unit and secured the transformer to the wall. I’m going to find a larger enclosure soon to cover the remaining mess.

Finished. For Now.

At this point I switched the power back on and completed the Nest Hello step by step setup via the Nest app.

Note: If you have a wireless doorbell setup check out this blog post which I found very interesting and helpful.



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