re:Invent: Data Sessions Week 1

Here is my list of sessions for week one of re:Invent focussed around data and analytics.

  • How to use fully managed Jupyter notebooks in Amazon SageMaker
  • What’s new with Amazon S3
  • How BMW Group uses AWS serverless analytics for a data-driven ecosystem
  • Innovate faster with applications on AWS storage
  • Embed analytics in your applications with Amazon QuickSight
  • Discovering insights from customer surveys at McDonald’s
  • What’s new in Amazon ElastiCache
  • How FINRA operates PB-scale analytics on data lakes with Amazon Athena
  • How Zynga modernized mobile analytics with Amazon Redshift RA3
  • Implementing MLOps practices with Amazon SageMaker
  • Break down data silos: Build a serverless data lake on Amazon S3
  • Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) Deep Dive
  • Gameloft: A zero downtime data lake migration deep dive
  • Nationwide’s journey to a governed data lake on AW
  • BI at hyperscale: Quickly build and scale dashboards with Amazon QuickSight
  • Building for the future with AWS databases
  • How the NFL builds computer vision training datasets at scale
  • What’s new in Amazon RDS
  • Serverless analytics at Equinox Media: Handling growth during disruption
  • Data modeling with Amazon DynamoDB — Part 1
  • Dive deep into AWS Schema Conversion Tool and AWS DMS
  • How Vyaire uses AWS analytics to scale ventilator production
  • From POC to production: Strategies for achieving machine learning at scale
  • The right tool for the job: Enabling analytics at scale at Intuit
  • Secure and compliant machine learning for regulated industries
  • How Disney+ uses fast data ubiquity to improve the customer experience
  • Deep dive on Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL compatibility
  • Train and tune ML models to the highest accuracy using Amazon SageMaker
  • How Nielsen built a multi-petabyte data platform using Amazon EMR
  • How Goldman Sachs uses an Amazon MSK backbone for its Transaction Banking Platform
  • Data modeling with Amazon DynamoDB — Part 2
  • How Disney+ scales globally on Amazon DynamoDB
  • Productionizing R workloads using Amazon SageMaker, featuring Siemens

For a full list of sessions and to register visit




Data Architect @CDL_Software , AWS Community Builder, 12 x AWS Certified. GCP, Azure, SCRUM, DAMA CDMP, Hashicorp & Kafka Certified

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Matt Houghton

Matt Houghton

Data Architect @CDL_Software , AWS Community Builder, 12 x AWS Certified. GCP, Azure, SCRUM, DAMA CDMP, Hashicorp & Kafka Certified

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