Using the NetApp Unified Manager REST API to send metrics to Elastic Stack

NetApp Documentation

The NetApp documentation is available via the Unified Manager console. Click the question mark in the top right corner and you will see a link to API Documentation.


In order to access the API’s you need to authenticate, our awesome storage guys had already tied authentication to Active Directory so i had no work to do :-)

API Access

In order to get to the low level metrics i just called the API’s one after the other. During development I found that an outer JSON blob would be returned and that would contain an inner JSON blob that had the values i was interested in.


'clusters', 'netapp:clusterInventoryList'
'clusters/storage-summary', 'netapp:storageSummaryList'

'events', 'netapp:eventDtoList'

'lifs', 'netapp:lifInventoryList'

'luns', 'netapp:lunInventoryList'

'nodes', 'netapp:nodeInventoryList'

'ports', 'netapp:portInventoryList'

'svms', 'netapp:svmInventoryList'


Elastic Stack Setup

I added an index for the data to be logged into. Using some of the data type detection capabilities of Elasticsearch worked well enough for my needs to get started with but i will be doing some refinement overtime.

Indexing The Data

Next i added a function to take the JSON payload from the code above and index it into Elasticsearch.

Example Data

Here is a sample document from Elasticsearch.



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Matt Houghton

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